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            Welcome to Corvus (Year 5)


Miss Racster – Class Teacher

Mrs Lamb– Learning Support Assistant (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday Friday)

Miss Turnbull– Learning Support Assistant (Thursday/Friday)

Mrs Joul - HLTA (Thursday afternoon)

Dear Corvus Parents/Carers,

This half term Corvus will be learning about the RSE (Relationship and Sex Education) aspect of their PSHE curriculum. In school we follow a recommended scheme called You, Me and PSHCE that carefully plans how this content is delivered to pupils in an age-appropriate way. For full details of our school RSE policy and the recent change in legislation relating the delivery of RSE please visit our school web site using this link.

This term our class will be looking at: emotional changes during puberty, discussing how it can feel and how we can be sensitive to others. We also look at physical changes of males and females, the human lifecycle and the parts of the body associated with reproduction and how they grow and change. This links very closely with our Science curriculum on Lifecycles and Animals, including humans.

It is usual that when pupils are taught RSE that they may come home with questions and new vocabulary following the sessions. While this can be a little tricky, we believe that being able to continue these conversations at home is an essential part of RSE.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I would be happy to talk through, show the resources or explain in more detail what we will be learning about.


Yours sincerely,

Lucy Racster


PE is on Thursday and Friday - Please can children come to school in their PE kit

Hello Corvus!


Here are some of the websites Mr Clay sent out that you can use:




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Individual pupil logins 


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 Those of you who are in school today need to check you can get on to all these - particularly and TTRS during the lesson. Those of you already at home can check these too and let me know if you have any problems.


If any of you have any problems accessing any of these at any time, you can always email me. I will be on my emails the whole time we are off school. I expect to be contacted so I can help you get on to these sites.


Here are also some other good websites for spag games:

Spelling games and activities: KS2

Spelling games and activities for spelling list 'KS2'. Our Spelling games, activites and resources help learners to improve their English spelling and help students to learn English as a foreign language.

Children in Year 5 are learning about Vikings. Today we made brooches using clay.