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Please see general admission information for our school below.  For more detailed on new starters in Reception in September 2021 please follow the link below.

Frequently asked questions document

School Day starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.15pm for all classes (Changes have been made temporarily since Covid 19 please click link for further details




I chose Manston Primary because I was impressed with the facilities and ethos of the school.  My daughter was immediately comfortable in the surroundings.


Having attended a number of primary school open days we were extremely impressed with the facilities at Manston Primary School.


Our eldest child is a pupil and we have been impressed with education and caring attitude at Manston Primary School. 


My elder child goes to Manston Primary School and I wouldn’t want my youngest to go anywhere else.


I have heard that Manston Primary School has a very good reputation.  I want the best for my child and believe they could give her the best teaching this area has to offer.

Report Comments from Parents

  • Very pleased with X first year at Manston.
  • He loves going to school.
  • We are impressed with how he has improved academically and gained in confidence which is a credit to the school.
  • The nurturing environment is amazing. Thank you so much.
  • We are grateful for the patience, help and support. A big thank you to everybody, your patience and support is much appreciated.
  • She has a love of school.
  • We would like to thank all the teachers, TA’s and helpers in year x.
  • Thank you very much to all the teachers.
  • Thank you to the staff for helping her to achieve her goals.
  • X teacher is a credit to the profession.
  • She has received excellent support which has enabled her to progress.
  • Thank you to the staff who have helped with extra Booster sessions.
  • Good to see his confidence has grown this year.
  • He has been very stimulated by the many interesting topics.
  • We are grateful for the hard work and patience.
  • She enjoys school. A wonderful teacher.
  • X has grown in confidence.
  • Thank you for your support and understanding.
  • She has worked hard through a difficult year- thank you to X teacher.
  • I am very please d with how he has gained in confidence.
  • I can’t thank you all enough. He has learnt to overcome many hurdles.
Thank you to all the staff for their constant support.
  • Thank you to all the staff. What a great team you are.
  • Thank you for all the extra experiences.
  • Thank you to all.
  • We are very grateful to Manston for giving X a holistic and nurturing education.


Our aim is to ensure that your child feels secure and happy as soon as he or she steps over the threshold. A happy child will gain in self confidence and will grow to enjoy the learning process. Manston Primary School has a unique family atmosphere and your child will become a valued member of our community.

If you would like to learn more about our school please telephone: 0113 2645445 and make an appointment to visit. You will have an opportunity to speak with the Reception Class teachers, tour the school whilst the children are working, and share in our many achievements.


You can order online, by telephone or visit the shop at:-
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