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Staffing September 2023/24

Class Staff

Reception – Mrs Finn with Miss Roberts and Mrs Dlugosz-Potoniec 

Year 1 – Miss Byrne/Mrs Barrett and Miss Pearce, Miss Oddy

Year 2 – Miss Evans/Mrs Meah with Mrs Smith and Mrs Barrett

Year 3 – Miss Rowell with Mrs Fallon, Mrs Joul and Mrs Wiles

Year 4 – Mrs Batty/Mrs Meah with Mr Delahaye, Mrs Wiles, Miss Joul and Miss Turnbull

Year 5 – Miss Racster/Mrs Meah with Mrs Lamb, Mrs Joul and Mr Delahaye

Year 6 – Mr Spinks/Ms Roxby and Mrs Hall.


Mrs Goddard will be teaching and supporting in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.


Mrs Cartwright will take Year 3 and 4 swimming and continue to deliver intervention groups.


Mrs Joul will continue to be our Learning Mentor and also support classes in the afternoon.