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Red Nose Day Lego Whole School Project

Take part in the Red Nose Day Build The Change project. Your task is to make someone smile!

Your task is to design something that will help someone. This could be someone you know or one of the Lego characters on the sheet.

Don’t worry, you can use anything to build a model, it doesn’t need to be Lego. Some other ideas could be:

  • Watch the video again from assembly (Youtube link)
  • Draw or paint your model
  • Write an explanation or set of instructions to go with your model
  • Design your model on a computer (make it on Scratch or using paint)

A selection of other activities for Red Nose Day activities are included in each class pack.

What question would you ask the Prime Minister? 

Another task that pupils could complete from The Hanson Foundation is copied below

The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation has teamed up with Children's Parliament ( )

Well THIS is your chance!

Submit a short selfie video with your question. Use your phone, school computer or any camera you wish to record your video. Please make sure you have consent from your parents and teachers to submit your video for public release and online broadcast.

The best five questions could be answered by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Your video questions could appear on or on social media.

Upload your video selfies by 30th April 2023 via:


You could ask about schools, the environment, British values or anything else you think that children of your age would want to know from the Prime Minister.


Dear parents and carers,

Please see attached a copy of the optional remote learning task for classes not in school on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th March 2023.

This work is linked to Red Nose Day (Friday 17th March 2023) and covers a range of options for each class as well as a whole school project.

Donations to RND can be made via Manston Primary School’s Just Giving page.

I would encourage all pupils not able to attend to spend a good amount of time each day on their maths skills either on TTRS or Numbots and also reading to an adult where possible.





Who for?

Timetable Rock Stars


Online timetable recall with many different games

KS2 pupils


Online maths learning

KS1 pupils (and some LKS2)

Bug Club

Online reading and comprehension activities

LKS2 and KS1

Oak Academy

Online lesson, inputs and activities

All pupils

BBC Bitesize

Online lessons, inputs and activities

All pupils



Thank you for your ongoing support with this situation.


Prevent Information for Parents

Daily Teams meetings for Year 1 from 19th July 2021 at 10 am. Please see email for link.

Class Teacher Email Addresses

Miss Lister

Miss Dutton

Miss Evans

Miss Oddy

Mrs Goddard

Mrs Meah

Mrs Batty

Miss Racster

Ms Roxby


September school opening information

The below resources were produced last year as part our response to the C19 Lockdown. Large parts of these resources will be relevant to pupils still and can be utalised if pupils cannot attend school for any reason. There may be the occasional topic that pupils have no previous knowledge of or have not yet been taught in school.

Initial Home Learning Pack Letter

Transition letter July 2020