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Reception Class

September 2019

Miss Lister – Class Teacher

Mrs Broadley – Full time Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Garrick – Afternoon Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Cartwright – HLTA Tuesday Morning


Recepton Survey Feedback

Miss Lister - Class Teacher

Miss Lister - Class Teacher 1

Mrs Goddard - EYFS Coordinator

Mrs Goddard - EYFS Coordinator 1

Mrs Cartwright - HLTA (Tuesday Morning)

Mrs Cartwright - HLTA (Tuesday Morning) 1

Mrs Garrick - LSA

Mrs Garrick - LSA 1

Mrs Broadley - LSA

Mrs Broadley - LSA 1

How to pronounce letter sounds.

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Computing in Reception

When the children first start school we introduce them to the ICT suite where there is a computer for each child. During their first term in school they will learn about the different parts of the computer such as the monitor, mouse, keyboard and tower.

Every child in school as their own unique username and password which they use to access our local network (Computers in school). When you are only 4 and may not have experience of computers this can be a little tricky so we spend lots of time helping the children to become confident with this.

We also have a wide range of activities to develop mouse control and navigation.

Parents are welcome to pop in and see what their child is learning and to chat with a member of staff about their progress. We also run several family computing sessions where children can bring members of their family along to share their knowledge and experience.
For any further information about ICT in Reception please contact Mrs K. Cartwright at