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School Council

Who are the School Council?


Two children from each class. Children in every class vote for a girl and a boy from their class who they feel would represent them well at school council meetings.

Students are voted onto the School Council by their class friends. This is done in a fair way so that each child has the chance to put forward a person they would like to see representing their class, and then the votes are counted at the end. The chosen children attend a meeting weekly with Ms Roxby. The agenda for the meeting will often reflect the main priorities of the school at that time, and this will be shared with the children, and their views fed back to the Head teacher along with the School Council minutes of the meeting.

We have a School Council at Manston Primary School so that the children have a voice in how their school is run. The children on the School Council represent the views of their class, and each class has a suggestion box that enables them to put forward ideas that they would like to see put into action around school. When the School Council meets these suggestions, and other matters arising, are discussed with the group, and each member of the student council has a chance to voice their opinions on behalf of their class. At the end of the meetings the members of the council have the opportunity to feed back information to the rest of their class. The older children that attend School Council will often feed back alongside the younger members of the group to their class so all the areas we have discussed are addressed.

The council members have been very successful in helping promote the school and ensure that the rest of the school benefits.

The School Council has been successful in helping the school raise money, for example through non-uniform days – which are very popular! – Once a term. The money raised from this has been put forward to helping develop the playground, and the council has been able to raise funds recently to buy new equipment for children to play on, most notably the Monkey Bars and other apparatus that has been constructed recently. Council members have also had an input on how they want their dining hall to look, and have contributed some excellent suggestions about colour schemes and changes to furniture in the hall at lunch times. We have recently purchased new, much more colourful tables.


Meeting minutes will be displayed below for 2017/18

School Council Meeting









Ms Roxby 



Easter Egg Hunt; class at a time (in the morning) Thursday 29th 

Egg competition, Mrs Goddard is setting up an Easter egg competition

Toy sale and table top sale (both at same time) March 22nd 

Fair Trade tuck shop, Friday 9th, everything 20p. 

School council have asked for a Disco (with just children) Wednesday 28th (ks1 5-6 ks2 6:15 - 7:30)

Online Safety: Charlie, thinks teachers need to tell us more. Oliver, would like to know when to get the teachers involved. Poppy, would like more learning about having manners online. Kassykylie, thinks that sometimes you need to do internet safety class by class.

Toilets: Year 1 and 2 talk to classes about flushing the toilets 

Tissue on wall and doors 

Year 5 and 6 talk to people about flushing toilets

Reception very clean no mess 

Year 3 and 4 need to talk to children about flushing toilets . 

This week reception win clean toilet award – the golden plunger award! 

Reception don’t want to be hurt by footballs so theMUGA will help