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Staffing September 2019/2020

Class Staff

Reception – Miss Lister with Mrs Garrick and Mrs Broadley

Year 1 – Mrs Barrett with Mrs Fitzgerald, Mrs Joul and Mrs Des- Rosiers (Mrs Wiles will teach Monday until Christmas).

Year 2 – Miss Oddy with Mrs Stephenson and Miss Fallon (Mrs Wiles will teach Tuesday until Christmas)

Year 3 – Mrs Pennells and Mrs Meah (Thursday and Friday) with Miss Briggs, Mrs Smith, Mr Delahaye and Mrs Wiles

Year 4 – Mrs Batty with Mr Delahaye

Year 5 – Miss Racster with Mrs Lamb and Miss Turnbull

Year 6 – Ms Roxby with Mrs Meah and Mrs Hall

You will have possibly noticed that Mrs Goddard is not with a class. She will be taking a break from teaching for most of the first term– but we are pleased that she will be re-joining us just in time for Christmas.

Mrs Cartwright will be teaching most classes throughout the week and covering PPA for staff (Planning, preparation and assessment time).

Mrs Joul will continue to be our Learning Mentor and also support classes in the afternoon.