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Key information - Return to school Tuesday 7th September 2021.

Dear Parents \ Carers, 

I hope all our families well and enjoying the summer holiday. I am writing to cover some key information about the return to school on Tuesday 7th September 2021. 


Working with Leeds City Council we have now updated our school risk assessment in line with the current government guidance (Last updated 17th August 2021). This will have a direct impact on how the school operates in September and significantly changes some of the measures that were in place last year. While we welcome some new freedoms and flexibility in school, we also want to be cautious that we take a measured approach that keeps our children in school as much as is possible and minimises any disruptions. School now has an outbreak management plan that can be put into action if the school experiences a significant number of Covid cases. Simply, this plan is the temporary reintroduction of class bubbles and other measures that were in place last year. It would be wonderful if this plan was not needed. 


Covid cases 

From Monday 15th August the rules relating to isolation and Covid have changed significantly. The full details of the these can be found here:  

In Summary: 

  • Pupils with any of the 3 main Covid Symptoms (high temperature, persistent cough, altered sense of smell or taste) or who have had a positive LFD test should not attend school and need a PCR test booking for them as soon as possible.

  • Pupils who have needed a PCR test cannot return to school until they have a negative test result or have completed the required isolation time.

  • Pupils and staff will not need to automatically isolate if there is a positive Covid case in their class or household.

  • Pupils are all expected to attend school .

  • Please keep us updated about any cases or suspected cases of Covid and contact us to discuss anything you are unsure of.

Drop off and pick up 

  • All classes will start at 8:50am and finish at 3:15pm. 

  • Pupils will not line up on the playground but enter their classrooms through external doors as they did on our transition day. Doors will be open from 8:45am. 

  • Please ensure that pupils are always supervised on the playground and that older pupils who walk to school alone do not arrive earlier than necessary. 

Play times and lunchtimes will now see more than one class playing together, assemblies can now be held in the hall and most of our pupils will resume eating their lunches in the school hall too. 


All pupils should now bring water bottles and book bags to school each day. 


School Uniform 

This coming year we will continue to ask children to come in PE kit on their PE days, these will be confirmed by class teachers once we are back in school. As shared in newsletters last term, we are this year providing a branded hooded PE top and a coloured t-shirt for all our pupils which will be given out during the first week of term. 

For full details of our school uniform (including hairstyles and jewellery) please visit our school website: 


While we are always understanding of uniform disasters in the short term (ironing gone wrong, broken washing machines etc.) we very much want all our pupils in full uniform in September. Therefore, we will be sending reminders out about school uniform once term starts (including hair styles and jewellery) as we want to make a strong start to the year in this area.


Home Learning 

Please remember to encourage your child to continue to read, write and calculate as much as possible during the remainder of the holiday. Pupils, especially those who find things tricky, greatly benefit from ‘little and often’ refreshers during the summer break. Websites like TTRS, Numbots and Bug Club can all be accessed at any time and our school website still contains lots of remote learning activities and links that can be used for this purpose. These can be found here:  


Finally, we are all really looking forward to seeing all our pupils on Tuesday 7th September at 08:50 am and making a wonderful start to what will hopefully be a much more normal year for us all! 


Kind regards,
James Clay

Head Teacher

Manston Primary School