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Covid Update

Dear Parents/Carers,


I am aware that many local schools are continuing to experience cases of Covid amongst their pupils or staff. At this time of year this must be incredibly frustrating for all of those involved. Having to isolate and miss the last days of the school term would be a poor end to the year for any child.


While we cannot control the situation, I want to ask that you continue to do everything you can to help us keep all our pupils in school as much as possible in these last weeks of term. It would be a terrible shame for our children to miss out on sports afternoons, school trips or leavers events and we want to remind all in our school community of the below.


If your child ,or anyone in your household, has these symptoms of Covid 19: 

  • A high temperature,

  • A persistent cough, or

  • A sudden change in taste or smell.

You, your child, and your entire household must immediately isolate, and you must arrange a PCR test


Lateral flow tests are for the ongoing monitoring of those without symptoms (a-symptomatic cases). If you have any of the symptoms above or test positive on a lateral flow test, you must isolate and book a PCR test immediately.


Please inform us of any test or symptoms straight away, including any of the following that apply:


  • the date and time of the test,
  • the date and time that symptoms first presented, and
  • the date and time that you have booked a PCR test if the positive result is from a lateral flow test.

Changes to isolation procedures for school pupils have been announced recently. However, please be aware that these new procedures do not come into place until the 16th August 2021. Therefore, if a school has a positive case of Covid before the end of term, they will have no choice but to inform pupils and staff in close contact to isolate for a 10-day period, however difficult this may be. This is one of the main reasons that we will be keeping the current bubble system in place until the end of term.


Thank you for your ongoing support with this and your clear communication with school about symptoms and tests. As stated above, no one can completely prevent cases of Covid, but I want all our school community to do everything they can to help keep our children stay in school as much as possible.


Kind regards,

James Clay