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Bewerley Park Update

Dear Parent\Carers,

Following the unfortunate cancellation of the residential this week we have been in touch with Bewerley park and have provisionally booked in a date that the residential could go ahead. This is the 24th -26th June. This booking is obviously dependant on a huge range of factors that are outside of the school’s or Bewerley’s control.  Trying to take into account the pupil’s disappointment at having this event cancelled, that some parents may be finding finances challenging at present and the general uncertainty of the coming months, we have agreed the following 2 options with Bewerley Park.

1.       Pupils are removed from the visit list and refunds will be made. Therefore, it will not be possible to re-join this trip at a later date.

2.       Pupils remain on the list and hopefully attend the visit in June. If the visit is not possible refunds would then be made.

In a couple of individual circumstances some payments are still owed to school. If these payments are made in full on parent pay by the end of next week (27.03.2020) these pupils will hopefully be on the list to go on the residential in June if it goes ahead.

Please note that any refunds would be made through parents pay. Following a refund to your account you will receive an email from parent pay explaining the process of transferring these funds.

Please email manston.primary@manston.leeds, simply stating if you wish to take option 1 or 2. I am afraid in the current circumstances we have to keep this process very simple.

Kind regards,

James Clay
Head Teacher