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(Year 5) Corvus



Welcome back to you all!

We hope you had a lovely Easter break and are looking forward to the summer term - we certainly are!


Staff in Corvus

Miss Racster – Class Teacher

Mrs Smith – Learning support assistant

Mrs Joul – HLTA and teaching on Tuesday afternoons



Homework will continue to be set 3 times a week and will be a mixture of Literacy, Maths and Topic work. Homework is generally set to be done for the next day although some topic homework is due in a week later. Homework is an important part of children’s learning, particularly as children in Corvus are building up towards Year 6 and their SATs. It is a good chance to consolidate learning done in lessons in school. Children are only given homework that has been covered in class or is basic revision.

Although some homework may be difficult, it is important that they have a go at it and speak to a member of staff the next day if they have any serious problems. We do expect anyone who does not return their homework to complete it during the school day but we are always happy to support anyone who is really struggling. It is very important that children are encouraged to spend time on their homework and hand it in on time every week and we really appreciate all your support with this.


Topics this term.

Maths: Fractions, decimals and percentages. Work on measures, statistics and geometry.

Most children have been doing a fantastic job learning their times tables and we are now expecting all children to know their facts up to 12 x 12 in any order. If you know your child does not know them all, please give them extra support to help them achieve this.

Children also need to be able to tell the time using both analogue and digital clocks. This isn’t something we can give lots of lesson time to in Year 5 so if you know your child still struggles with this, please help them to practise if you can.

Literacy: Narrative poetry, Explanation texts, Persuasive writing, play scripts, horror fiction.
Science:  Humans and other animals, All living things.

Geography: Coastal areas, contrasting the local area and Whitby.
RE: What matters most to believers?

PHSE: Growing and Changing (linked to Science work); Drug, alcohol and tobacco education.
Art: Observational drawing, seascapes in the style of Turner.

DT: Building a lighthouse for Whitby; food – apple dappies.

Computing: Podcasts and streaming audio; Animation; Algorithms and programs; Emailing and blogging.

Music: Singing pop songs and playing simple accompaniments; Composing and performing work.

PE:  Hockey, multi-skills, orienteering, athletics.

PE will continue to be on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Please can you ensure that children have an indoor and outdoor P.E. kit every week, including suitable footwear.
Outdoor P.E kit: Trainers are essential, a tracksuit (blue or black) and a team polo shirt.
Indoor P.E kit: Pumps, blue or black shorts and a team polo shirt.

Children are encouraged to bring their kit in to school every Monday and keep it in school until Friday.


Food Technology

Thank you very much for your donations towards our food curriculum last half term. The children did an excellent job of their soup making – it was absolutely delicious!

There is still some money left from the donations which we will be able to use for our other food project – making apple dappies – later in the term.



Although the children are older and have learnt to read, it is still important to talk to them about their reading and share books and stories together. Sustained reading and skimming and scanning for information are important skills which can be practised at home by reading for at least 10 minutes each night. It does work!



Please could you ensure you ring school if your child is absent. This is especially important in Upper Key Stage Two when children are starting to walk to school on their own so please ring as soon as possible in the morning.


Water Bottles

We would strongly recommend children having their own water bottle, labelled with their name, in school at all times. Children are given opportunity to have drinks throughout the day and are allowed to refill their bottles using the water fountain.



Toast is still available for the children to buy every Wednesday morning at the cost of 20p a week. This can be paid weekly or in advance. Please ensure money is sent in to school in an envelope which is labelled with your child’s name.


Finally parents, we would love to invite you in at any time to chat to us, see what your child is doing, or even come and join in with a lesson! Also if anyone has any knowledge or information about any of our topics we would love for you to come in and share it with us!

Please see us any night after school, or send an e-mail or letter if you need any information. We look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you so much for your continued support (it is very much appreciated!),



Miss Racster, Mrs Joul and Mrs Smith


Year 5 making Leek and potato soup.

Science - We were working in groups to test different materials to see which was the best thermal insulator.

Science - We were working in groups to test different materials to see which was the best thermal insulator. 1
Science - We were working in groups to test different materials to see which was the best thermal insulator. 2
Science - We were working in groups to test different materials to see which was the best thermal insulator. 3
Science - We were working in groups to test different materials to see which was the best thermal insulator. 4