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Science - Pavo have been learning about teeth and how to look after them.

Welcome to Pavo - Year 4

Staff in Pavo

Mrs Batty – Class Teacher

Mrs Des Rosier – Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs Cartwright - HLTA                         

                                                                                       Pavo… proud to show our potential


What your child will be learning this term

Literacy   We begin with some work on poetry, considering its form and word choices.

Spelling and Grammar work, plus Guided Reading, will continue within and alongside this work.


Maths We continue learning, based around the Maths No Problem texts. We are continuing with our work on fractions before moving onto some work on time, including the 24 hour clock. This will be complemented by short teaching sessions, on number fluency and reasoning, each day. Children will continue to have regular tests on their recall of multiplication and division facts. Please ensure your child is completing some time on Times Table Rockstars several times each week; alternatively they could do this once a week and also spend some time being tested by an adult or older sibling at home. (It’s perhaps easiest to find some TTRS time!)


PE We continue to have a Swimming lesson each Tuesday afternoon. This follows the same pattern as before, so lessons begin in Week 2- Tuesday 23rd April (after Easter Monday). Please ensure your child has swim-kit and appropriate coat and footwear for Tuesdays at school. If it is a particularly warm day, we may leave coats in school but please ensure one is sent. If it becomes cooler and your child has wet hair, they do benefit from an extra layer.

Your child may have a healthy snack following the lesson. Snacks can include fruit, whole or chopped, or one plain biscuit (rich tea/digestive) or a low-fat squeezy fromage frais. Whilst there are other healthy options, we have stuck to these to keep things straightforward and fair between the Y3 and Y4 classes. Treat weeks, where any reasonable size choice of snack may be brought, will continue to be the last week of swimming of each term (the July session remains).


Please bring PE kits to school each Monday morning and to leave them in school until Thursday or Friday afternoon. For this, your child will need an outdoor kit. This means trainers, t shirt, sweatshirt / lightweight zipped jacket, and shorts /track-pants /leggings or joggers. We ask to have kit in school at the beginning of the week because there may be timetable changes. Mrs Cartwright will endeavour to take the children out for PE on Thursday afternoons, however if the weather is poor, this will not happen. To ensure the children do not miss out on PE, there will be a replacement lesson on a Tuesday morning when the class can get into the hall. (The hall cannot be used by us on Thursday afternoons).  Mrs Cartwright will be monitoring which children remember to have kits in school each week and plans a reward session for those who are usually prepared.


Topic.   Our work this term is geography based and is initially about our locality around school. Later in the term, we consider the water-ways in Leeds centre, both the river and canal. The work will use maps, plans and photographs; we hope to get out on a few learning walks too. During the latter part of the term, we may venture into Leeds to walk around the river front area, using the train to get us there.  I will obviously write to inform you about this nearer the time


Science.  We begin with a unit on Living Things and Their Habitats. To complement this work, we have a visit to Thwaite Mills organised for Wednesday 1st May. There is a separate letter to fully inform you about this. Parent Pay will be set up for this during the first week back.


Computing will include ongoing work on Internet Safety and email, as well as on capturing, uploading and using digital images. We will be doing some Internet based research, presenting information and some branching data-base work linked to Science.


PSHE/RE This will be taught by Mrs Cartwright again this term, following the Leeds scheme of work.


Art We have to complete our mosaic work and will also begin to use our sketching and photographic skills. Some of our work will be based in the ICT suite.


Music We begin with some work based upon a song, Be the Change, which we will sing and adapt for a shared performance within school. We will then do some composition work using the glocks, percussion instruments and recorders.


Homework: This will usually be sent home on Wednesday and must be returned by Monday, at the latest.


How you can help.

  • It is expected that all children will read for a short time each evening. This may be from a fiction or non-fiction book they have chosen. Encourage your child to make this part of their routine, perhaps at bedtime as a way of winding down. Also, please try to hear your child read at least one during the week. If your child is a competent reader, perhaps share reading a more challenging book, discussing new words and what they mean in context. You may find yourself reading together most nights if you find an interesting book!
  • I cannot stress how important it is that your child keep acquiring and using new words correctly, within sentences. The level of Literacy required by the end of KS2 is high now. This means the more time we all spend demanding full sentences, which include a good level of language/vocabulary, will help your child. If they can speak it, they can begin to hold sentences in their heads and write it more easily.
  • Maths fluency-wise, all Y4 children need efficient recall of multiplication and related division facts. It is expected that your child will spend some time on Times Table Rock-stars, several times each week. It is better to go on for 5- 10 minutes three times each week, rather than once for 30 minutes. Little and often makes for better progress. Your child should be learning specific multiplication and division facts in “The Garage” but can also move into “The Studio” to challenge their wider knowledge of facts for numbers 1-12. Once these facts are known, it is then about increasing the number of facts you can answer in a short amount of time. Please note, I regularly monitor each child’s progress with learning and how often they access this site.
  • Making sure your child has somewhere quiet to do their homework and encouraging them to tell you about it would also be invaluable. If you feel your child is struggling with work set, ask them to speak to one of us before the weekend so we can help.
  • Water bottles should be named and can be left in the classroom Monday to Friday; they do need a proper wash over the weekend. Often, children need a drink if they have been running around a lot at playtime and having their own bottle means they can access a drink quickly. Whilst we do have a few plastic cups, it is preferable for each child to have their own bottle.
    We look forward to meeting all parents again over the coming weeks. If you have any queries or difficulties please come and talk with us, at the end of school is best unless it’s urgent. You can also email me at if that is more convenient.
    Rachel Batty, class teacher.
    Angela Des-Rosiers, LSA.

Visit to Thwaite Mills, Leeds.

PE lesson - Team building and cooperation