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Pavo Homework

Dear Pavo, Parents and Carers,


I hope you have all had a great weekend, and have lots of exciting plans over the half term break!


I would just like to inform you of some work that you should be completing at home.


Maths - Your child was sent home with a times table sheet, this sheet has 4 different columns of multiplication questions, as we did not have time to complete our instant recall facts (division and multiplication facts) assessment on the last day, it will take place on the first Monday back. The sheet given should be completed in no more than 3 minutes (unless your child states that they get extra time).


Also, after half term we are going to begin looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. 


As part of learning more about fractions, I would like you to discuss parts and whole, for example,


- A wheel is part of a car, and a car is the whole 

- An arm is a part of the body, and the body is the whole

- A leg is a part of a chair, and a chair is the whole


These parts and wholes can be found anywhere.



This understanding of parts and wholes will give them some prior knowledge which we can translate into numbers.


Reading - it would be great if your child could continue to read at home over the holidays, I spoke with many of you about reading during the parents consultation day, please keep up with this!


Skipping - in PE this term we will be creating a dance routine to work on using skipping skills which we learnt when skipping school came into school last Wednesday. It would be of great help if your child could practice and be comfortable with using the rope and basic skipping. If they are confident already, then they could start to practice some of the new techniques! Extra information can be found at


I hope you all have a great half term!


Thank you for your continued support,


Mr Taylor, Mrs Lamb and the Y4 team