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Road Safety

Crossing Church Lane

Please may we encourage parents to remind their child/children to use the Green Cross Code when crossing busy roads – even if they are with an adult. NB this includes Church Lane outside school. For your reference the latest 2018 version is: -

  1. Think! Find the safest place to cross.
  2. Stop! Stand on the pavement near the kerb.
  3. Use your eyes and ears.
  4. Wait until it is safe to cross.
  5. Look and listen. When it is safe, cross sensibly.
  6. Arrive alive. Keep looking and listening as you cross.



Attendance for the week ending Friday 15th March 2019


Columba 91.1%

Toucana 98%

Cygnus 97.6%

Aquila 96.9%

Pavo 92.3%

Corvus 99%

Phoenix 93.7%         So our winner is Corvus  

Attendance for the week ending Friday 1st March 2019


Columba 91.1%

Toucana 93.3%

Cygnus 98.3%

Aquila 97.5%

Pavo 95%

Corvus 98.3%

Phoenix 96.3%

So our winners were Cygnus and Corvus





Buildings safety letter from LCC

Car Park Safety

Dear Parents, 
Please may I remind you that when bringing your child to school and when collecting at the end of the day, including after any club, that you use the paths provided.
We do appreciate that the shorter route is through the car park when coming to the main entrance, but there was a near miss the other day when a car was reversing, and an accident would be too awful to contemplate.
This recommendation is not us being difficult,  but your safety and the safety of your children. 
Thank you for your co- operation.

Pauline Quick
Head Teacher 
Manston Primary School

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St.Gregorys Inside / Outside Group

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Giddy Zebras

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